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TotalEnergies Diesel

TotalEnergies Diesel meets or exceeds country diesel specifications. In countries requiring diesel of a lower sulfur content, providing de-sulfurized diesel which minimizes deposits, corrosion and engine wear.

We recommend the use of Excellium diesel fuel; a new generation fuel that ‘cleans’ the engine and provides longstanding protection to make the engine more efficient, more economical and less polluting. Excellium diesel fuel has been supplemented with new detergents, which not only clean the injectors and vital components in diesel engines, but also keep them clean. Excellium is known to prevent injectors from fouling (internally) as well as prevent the injectors from clogging externally.

Key Features and Benefits

  • TotalEnergies' global brand and expertise in diesel fuel oil supply In-country logistical capabilities
  • Retail network presence in key countries
  • Expertise in the setting up and management of satellite depots
  • Technical assistance on the installation of pumps and tanks on site
  • Quality accreditation in accordance with local country national standards
  • Health, safety and environment quality management system
Key features and benefits

A Higher-Quality Fuel Based on TotalEnergies Research

Making use of its unique expertise and a completely integrated design process, from research to production, the TotalEnergies group works daily to develop ever more innovative fuels.

EXCELLIUM is the result of:


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