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Our future employees are one of our most valuable strengths. That is why we want to do everything we can to see you through your recruitment experience with us. You will find here our tips for you, and what we will be looking for in your application and during our interviews to boost your chances of success. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to talk about what we can achieve together.

Step 1 – Pre-Qualification of Your Interview

Step 1 – Pre-Qualification of Your Interview

You applied for a position and your profile has caught our attention. At this stage, you might receive questionnaires designed to fill in any blanks in your profile and/or be invited for a telephone or phone screening interview.

Step 2 – Your Meeting with a Recruiter

Step 2 – Your Meeting with a Recruiter2

You meet the recruiter assigned to the position you are applying for or an external recruiter employed by TotalEnergies. This interview is the opportunity to find out more about your skills set, your experience and motivations. We will also discuss outlines of the proposed job and your prospects within the Group.

Step 3 – Your Meeting with a Hiring Manager(s)

Step 3 – Your Meeting with a Hiring Manager(s)

You meet hiring managers linked to the job you are applying for. This gives you a clear picture of what the job will entail and what your new team might look like. You will discuss all aspects of your role and your working environment.

Step 4 – Formalizing the Terms of Our Collaboration

Step 4 – Formalizing the Terms of Our Collaboration

If you arrive at this step, it means we want to work together. Your recruiter makes you an offer. If you accept it, your contract will be signed with the relevant Human Resources Department. 
Welcome to TotalEnergies! A journey of adventure and growth awaits you. 

Helping You Find Your Bearings

If you’ve made it to the final step in the recruitment process and accepted our job offer, congratulations!

Your onboarding journey will begin with a digital learning program that includes:

  • Videos presenting our activities and our One TotalEnergies company project;
  • A suite of e-learning modules to help you familiarize with TotalEnergies' charters and ways of work;
  • Other employees talking about the challenges and key values at TotalEnergies.

In addition, you will also be invited to take part in a TotalEnergies integration seminar which will be held annually. We are excited to welcome you personally into TotalEnergies!

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