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DO YOU KNOW that an average car is 2,144% dirtier than a smartphone*? Research study* has also found that the steering wheel, driver's seat floor, rear seats and gear shift had an average of 700 bacteria per 10 square centimeters. In particularly, car interiors are often breeding grounds for bacteria, germs and dirt that is not visible by the naked eye. Disinfecting and keeping your car clean is even more important now during the COVID-19 pandemic, where your car is probably the next haven aside from your home.

Our car care products are designed to give your car the care it deserves. Discover our comprehensive offer that includes engine cleaners, cleaning products for interior and exterior, maintenance products, and basic car accessories. With TotalEnergies, you are on route for a clean and safe journey in your 4-wheel companion.

Car Care: Pocket Guide

Give your car a new lease of life

Your go-to car care pocket guide

We got you covered when it comes to cleaning, protecting and revitalizing key interior spots from dashboards to cockpit surfaces, mats, and leather seats. Easy application of the product formulated with cleaning performance, our interior range ensures maintenance of the surfaces while leaving a fresh scent after application.

TotalEnergiesLeather Cleaner


TotalEnergies Cockpit Cleaner


TotalEnergies Upholstery Cleaner


We are going BACK TO BASICS with our range of gentle cleansing helpers that removes dirt, insect residues, greases, leaving the surfaces of your car streak-free and well protected!

TotalEnergies Car Shampoo


TotalEnergies Car Wax Shampoo


TotalEnergies Glass Cleaner


TotalEnergies Wheel Cleaner


TotalEnergies Screenwash


We are not forgetting the glow and shine your car needs to take on the next journey. Discover our range below that will give your 4-wheel buddy a brand-new lift!

TotalEnergies Speed Shine


TotalEnergies Tyre Shine


TotalEnergies Wax Polish


Clean and repair with our tech range that is easy to use for the performance you desire.

TotalEnergies engine cleaner spray bottle
TotalEnergies tyre repair

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