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At TotalEnergies, safety is more than just a priority. It's a core value and the basis of our strategy. Our ambition is to be recognized as the benchmark for safety in our industry. To achieve this ambition, we have taken steps to ensure that safety is an integral part of our processes and that it guides our everyday actions. Safety is a core value that we want everyone to share, from managers and employees to partner companies and local stakeholders.

Because the energy industry is inherently exposed to numerous risks, we are championing safety as our highest value. Not only do we consider safety to be a vital issue; we also recognize that safety guarantees the long-term growth of our operations.

It would be impossible to continue operating in our host regions without the trust and support of states, civil society and local populations. To earn their trust, we need to above all demonstrate our ability to explore process and distribute energy safely.

Stephane MAUVERNAY, Head of Asia Pacific Middle East HSE department chez TotalEnergies

Our Asia Pacific and Middle East Business is supported by rigorous implementation of safety standards. Workplace safety, transport and risks management are amongst the key actions in progress in the region.

Stephane MAUVERNAY Head of Asia Pacific Middle East HSE department at TotalEnergies

To go further with our HSE commitments

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Golden Rules are the guidelines that are to be applied and followed by everyone in all situations in order to improve the management of risks related to our activities. 12 Golden Rules are written as a series of “musts” and “must not’s”: in all, a set of 50 instructions that all TotalEnergies employees and contractors must comply with.


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How to memorize TotalEnergies' 12 Golden Rules