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03/04/2023 News

EDB - Why TotalEnergies chose Singapore as its partner to develop sustainability projects for Southeast Asia

solar panel installed on rooftop

As part of their ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 together with society, TotalEnergies is building a portfolio with a growing emphasis on renewables. Their objective: to be among the world’s top five producers of renewable energy, primarily from wind and solar energy, by 2030.

“Energy is fundamental to human life, and an important source of progress. TotalEnergies firmly believes that everyone on the planet has a right to have access to reliable and affordable energy. TotalEnergies also recognizes the Paris Agreement and supports initiatives to fight against global warming. Singapore serves as an important hub for us to access regional markets, to support the energy transition needs of customers in the region. Our ambition is to develop a stronger footprint in Asia-Pacific, leveraging Singapore as an important control tower for regional expansion.”

Mr Liang Ting Wee
Country Chair Singapore and President
TotalEnergies Asia-Pacific & Middle East – Marketing & Services

Accessing Regional Markets from Singapore

Singapore has served as the Regional Headquarters (RHQ) for all of TotalEnergies’ business operations in Southeast Asia (SEA) since 1982. Mr Liang credits Singapore’s strategic location and connectivity, as well as its strong talent base as key factors in TotalEnergies’ decision to set up an RHQ here to support the energy transition needs of its customers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC).

infographic explaining TotalEnergies' sustainability operations in Singapore


Having been in Singapore for over 40 years and with 600 staff, TotalEnergies firmly believes that the city-state plays an important role in driving the development and adoption of new solutions that can be deployed to other markets. Examples of these solutions include its development in distributed solar power generation, where they have embarked on a 50-50 joint venture with Japan's ENEOS to develop B2B solar projects across Asia, targeting two gigawatts (GW) of decentralised solar capacity over the next five years. Other projects include operating Singapore's largest Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network as well as enabling the supply of biofuels to the global marine bunkering sector, the latter of which is overseen by TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, leveraging its global headquarters in Singapore and two satellite offices in Paris and Geneva.

TotalEnergies EV charging station in Singapore

TotalEnergies’ EV charging point in Singapore

naming ceremony of Brassavola

Brassavola, a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) bunker vessel that supplies LNG to bunkers in the port of Singapore

Seamless Connectivity to Key Regions in SEA and APAC

TotalEnergies has deemed Singapore’s excellent location and connectivity, in terms of management supervision and supply chains, as imperative to cover the various fast-growing markets in both APAC and the Middle East.

For example, with Singapore as its headquarters, TotalEnergies secured a solar rooftop project for Ecolite Biotech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, a health and wellness company in Malaysia. The savings made with the solar panels will go towards reducing the company’s carbon footprint by about 290 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting around 4,350 trees. In addition, TotalEnergies has also been appointed to supply a solar energy and energy storage solution to Eau Kale, Cambodia's leading producer of bottled natural mineral water.

In just four short years since TotalEnergies first began their Solar Distributed Generation business in Singapore, they have expanded to nine markets across APAC, including Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The company also has plans to enter the Taiwan and South Korea markets this year, leveraging Singapore’s connectivity to new markets to expand progressively.

TotalEnergies distributed solar generation in Cambodia

Distributed solar generation in Cambodia

Availability of Talent

Singapore's proactive emphasis on green technology and sustainability has led to the development of specialised training programmes and educational initiatives focused on the green sector, which further strengthens its ability to attract and develop a skilled workforce. This is especially important considering the nascency of the sector.

Access to a competent pool of talent supports the growth of TotalEnergies’ solar distributed generation portfolio, allowing them to hire professionals with expertise in business development, sales, project management, legal, and finance to help build competencies in compliance, governance, and management.

The company's market leadership in multi-energy solutions and commitment to the energy transition has also attracted passionate individuals to join them.

In recent years, Singapore has strategically positioned itself as a hub for renewable energy companies and is leading the way in Southeast Asia in the transition to clean energy and a low-carbon future with its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, such as with the Singapore Green Plan 2030, a "whole-of-nation movement" to advance Singapore's national agendaon sustainable development.

Additionally, Singapore’s focus on talent development has led to the anchoring of three Centres of Excellence in the country with multi-disciplinary research and training to bridge the gap in Asia-focused sustainable finance research. Companies similar to TotalEnergies can look forward to leveraging this holistic ecosystem which targets and trains undergraduates, postgraduates, and business practitioners, ensuring a continued pipeline of available talent in Singapore.

infographic on how TotalEnergies seize renewable energy opportunities from Singapore


Expansion into the Renewable Energy Sector: Insights from TotalEnergies

When asked for advice for renewable energy project developers entering the region, Mr Liang suggested that a pioneering spirit to constantly deliver innovative solutions to customers, combined with a strong commitment to attract and retain the right talent, will be crucial for renewable energy companies to succeed in this exciting but volatile industry.

TotalEnergies’ journey demonstrates the feasibility and promise of growth for companies looking to expand into the region, leveraging Singapore’s thriving and collaborative green landscape to further integral development in the clean energy domain.


This article was first published by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), a government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for strategies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation, and talent. Have the latest insights, stories and analyses on how companies are growing in Asia delivered to your inbox here.