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Lubricants for steam & turbine

With the benefit of our extensive experience with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), TotalEnergies offers you a complete range of lubricants and services for all turbine types: hydro, steam, gas, combined-cycle, or aeroderivative gas turbines. TotalEnergies products are approved by major OEMs such Solar and others. Coupled with  expertise services in oil changeover, filtration consultancy, our dedicted oil analysis (ANAC), Total lubricants ensures reliability to your oil life.

PRESLIA: Your choice of turbine oil range


    Mineral Turbine Oil specially designed for lubrication of steam and gas turbines in all types of power plants. Prevents equipment wear thus providing superior equipment protection
    High-Performance long-life gas turbine oils with excellent oxidation resistance for severe applications providing reduction in maintenance cost. Suitable for use under severe conditions
    Next generation oil formulated with excellent thermal stability specifically designed to reduce varnish and deposit formation
    Synthetic oil for aeroderivatives turbines requiring MIL-PRF-23699 G class fluid. Superior equipment availability and reliability, even under extreme conditions
    Synthetic oil for aeroderivative turbines requiring MIL PRF 23699 G HTS class fluid. Ultra high-performance temperature resistance for turbines subject to high thermal stress or facing premature oil degradation thus preventing deposit build-up

Meeting your needs

We know what it takes to manage lubrication of facilities located in remote areas and harsh environments.
We help you overcome technical and logistic challenges related to the lubrication of your equipment.
Count on our support and focus simply on your core business.

  • We help you standardize your lubricants portfolio to simply storage in tights spaces and ensure maximum reliability of your machinery
  • Our ANAC service can help you troubleshoot machinery by simply analyzing its lubricant, preventing major damage down the line.
  • With our dedicated supply chain in many countries, you can count on Total to deliver on time in most remote locations. We provide technical support such as oil diagnosis guidance, lubrication audit and filtration services for your equipment.

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