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TotalEnergies has made natural gas, the least pollutant of all fossil fuels, a cornerstone of its strategy to meet a growing global demand for energy while helping to mitigate climate change. We are focusing on LNG, which can be easily transported and delivered as close as possible to consumer markets. TotalEnergies is present across the entire LNG value chain, from production and liquefaction of natural gas to LNG shipping and trading, regasification using terminals and floating storage regasification units (FSRUs). We also promote wider use of LNG as a fuel, both for transportation and shipping.

Singapore is an established hub for TotalEnergies to develop LNG business activities in line with the regional market trends: supporting market liquidity in traded markets as well as gas market deregulation initiatives, increasing natural gas demand in South East Asia and developing new uses for LNG.

TotalEnergies’ trading desk in Singapore is an active player in the largest and fastest growing area of the global LNG market. LNG volumes delivered to TotalEnergies’ Asian customers have increased by 250% over the past 3 years.

Singapore is also a strategic location in the region for the development of LNG as a marine fuel. As the global headquarters for TotalEnergies’ bunkering arm, TotalEnergies Marine Fuels is working with industry partners to expand the country’s LNG bunkering infrastructure and capabilities. This includes the launch of a 12,000m3 newly built LNG bunker vessel in Singapore, in 2021, to serve TMFGS’ clientele.

Thomas Maurisse, Senior Vice-President, LNG, TotalEnergies

The development of LNG is essential to meet the growth in global demand for energy while reducing the carbon intensity of the energy products used by our customers

Thomas Maurisse Senior Vice President, LNG, TotalEnergies

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