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Business profile of Lubmarine

With a worldwide presence in over 100 countries and 1000 ports, Lubmarine is recognized as a global leader and innovator in marine lubricants. Serving the Marine sector since 1952, today Lubmarine delivers a wide range of pioneering and market leading marine engine oils, auxiliary lubricants and greases, used across the full spectrum of the marine industry by thousands of vessels around the world operating under the most extreme conditions.

Lubmarine’s continual emphasis on developing innovative new solutions, whilst improving existing formulations, in line with both international and OEM standards, is backed up by dedicated technical expertise and support. This includes drain oil analysis services, a worldwide Diagomar Plus laboratories network and a global team of highly experienced Marine Engineers supporting shipping clients where they need it most.


Discover Lubmarine in Singapore

Discover Lubmarine in Singapore

With the Asia-Pacific region accounting for more than 50% of marine lubricants sales, Lubmarine benefits from a dedicated production facility in Singapore established in 2015. Complete with the blending plant in Tuas, the Singapore facility is TotalEnergies’ largest site with a production capacity of 310,000 metric tons annually.
On-site jetty and independent barge facilities including three 900 dwt double-hulled barges, combined with dedicated local teams and technical facilities, have resulted in increased demand for TotalEnergies lubricants right across the region.

Arnaud Guichard

Singapore is the strategic center for the Asia-Pacific shipping region and our dedicated production and blending plant helps solidify our position as a leading global marine lubricant manufacturer. Providing our customers with access not only to market-leading products and services but highly skilled customer service staff and engineers on the ground has seen demand for our lubricants grow consistently.

Arnaud Guichard Lubmarine General Manager

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