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Discover our range of gear and transmission oils

Your vehicle transmission is just as crucial as your engine. They work together to optimize the overall performance of your vehicles. It is essential to protect your transmission against wear and tear to deliver reliable performance at field.

TotalEnergies​ offers a comprehensive range of transmission fluids under the trade names of Fluidmatic, Traxium and Transtec.

Automatic transmission oil: Fluidmatic

Fluidmatic grades are developed with premium synthetic technology base oils and carefully selected additives to provide a powerful solution to promote oxidation resistance for a longer period of service.

Manual transmission oil: Traxium

Traxium Gear range are advanced manual transmission fluids specially for the lubrication of manual gearboxes of passenger cars.

Manual transmission oil: Transtec

Transtec is an entry range of manual transmission fluid dedicated for manual transmissions, transaxles, steering gears and transfer boxes. It is specifically designed for the lubrication of various applications to give an excellent wear protection under severe operating conditions.


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