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EV Fluids: Pioneering Electrical Lubrication

Across the world, OEMs, drivers, fleet managers and other key stakeholders are adopting the use of electric vehicles as one of the solutions to reduce fuel consumption and improve emission control to respond to climate changes.

Vehicle manufacturers are facing huge challenges and each application will have a dedicated architecture in the electrification of the powertrain related to operating conditions and thereby impose stringent new requirements in lubrication needs.

For these vehicles to perform faultlessly for longer at field, TotalEnergies has developed a ground-breaking line of electric engine lubricants and thermal management fluid – Rubia EV for heavy duty vehicle and Quartz EV for light duty vehicle.

Featuring pioneering products, each range has been honed using extensive research gained through TotalEnergies’ Formula E experience, utilizing cutting-edge technology to help electric vehicles perform their best.


What is a heavy duty hybrid vehicle?

A Heavy-Duty Hybrid Vehicle is one of the pragmatic solutions to improve fuel efficiency for better emission control for trucks, buses and off-road vehicles. It is equipped with an Internal Combustion Engine(ICE) and one or several electric motors. Two different sources of energy can be used: fuel and/or electricity.


What is a battery electric heavy duty hybrid vehicle?

A Battery Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicle uses one or several electric motors powered by electrical energy, stored in batteries pack. The electric motor converts electric energy into mechanical energy with an efficiency of around 80%, while Internal Combustion Engine only achieves 35% of efficiency.

dedicated range for Electric vehicles

Why a dedicated range for Electric vehicles?

Comparing to Internal Combustion Engine(ICE) driven vehicles, the harsh conditions of the electrification in Heavy-Duty vehicles impose some new technical constraints and require the development of new fluids.

3 Main New Fluid Properties

Material compatibility
Thermal properties
Dielectric properties

Material compatibility

Fluids and new components of HEV or BEV are in direct contact. Compatibility with different types of materials must be proven to avoid unfavorable consequences such as swelling, breakage, corrosion and etc. It is utmost important to develop a fluid with excellent copper compatibility since the high electrical conductivity of copper has made it the main critical components for electrical wiring, windings and organs.

Thermal properties 

Power electronics and the electric engine must operate within a defined temperature range. Operating at higher than the desired temperature range inevitably reduces the vehicles’ service life, efficiency and power. A fluid must therefore ensure efficient heat evacuation at temperatures up to 180°C. During harsh acceleration and fast charging period, a huge amount of energy or heat will be accumulated in batteries pack in heavy duty electric vehicles. The rise in temperature must be managed efficiently to guarantee the entire lifetime of the vehicle.

Dielectric properties 

Fluids used in HEV or BEV require electrical insulation properties to prevent any arcing or overcurrent when it is in close contact with the electrical and/or electronic components. Dielectric properties must also remain stable throughout the operation in spite of harsh conditions: rising temperature, oxidation, humidity, particle abrasion.


Rubia EV Fluid

To answer to the technical requirements and constraints related to the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles, TotalEnergies has specifically designed a dedicated range under Rubia EV Fluid:

  • Rubia EV-DRIVE MP – Designed for reducers, electric engines and power electronics.
  • Rubia EV-DRIVE R – Designed for new generation of electric drivetrain reducers in heavy-duty and off-road vehicles.
  • Rubia EV-AT – High performance lubricant for hybrid Step-AT Transmission.
  • Rubia EV-AMT – New generation lubricant for automated manual transmission in hybrid vehicles.
  • Rubia EV-BATTERY – Thermal management fluid for industrial electric vehicle and hybrid batteries.

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