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In an increasingly competitive climate, keeping your fleet on the road as efficient and productive as possible is an important business priority. TotalEnergies' range of engine oils, coolants, gear and transmission fluids, and greases are designed to keep lorries, buses, coaches, fleets and other heavy vehicles on the road whilst ensuring low operating costs for your business.

Transport Truck

Five reasons to choose TotalEnergies

  • Support and partnership
    Thanks to our local implementation, we are committed to optimize your productivity and reduce your maintenance cost.
  • Innovation and Research
    TotalEnergies invests in cutting-edge technologies to find raw materials that always bring you more energy saving.
  • A major actor Our production facilities
    Our supply chain and our commercial presence over 150 countries enable us to deliver a complete line of lubricants to meet all your needs.
  • Quality and environment
    The ISO 9001 quality certification of TotalEnergies Lubrifiants guarantees a long-term commitment in this area. From creating a new product, our R & D teams develop formulations to minimize the risks of toxicity and the environmental impact.
  • OEM and references 
    TotalEnergies Lubrifiants works with manufacturers and OEMs to create high-tech products, ensuring optimum performance and protection for your machines.

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