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Fuel for professionals

TotalEnergies offers a full range of fuels and services dedicated to your industry and personalized to your needs.

The Group has unique know-how and a completely integrated design chain from research to production. At the TotalEnergies Research Center in Solaize, everything is done to ensure that fuels meet the needs of our customers and are at the forefront of innovation.

Take advantage of TotalEnergies' advice and tools to perform in your business and benefit from our technical and commercial expertise.

Quality fuel products

TotalEnergies fuels are manufactured under the strictest quality controls and to the highest international standards. They have been specially formulated to meet the needs of all on-road and commercial vehicles from trucks to buses, delivery vans, lorries (Prime Movers), waste collection vehicles, light and heavy goods vehicles.

TotalEnergies recommends the use of EXCELLIUM diesel fuel; a new generation fuel that ‘cleans’ the engine and provides longstanding protection to make the engine more efficient, more economical and less polluting. EXCELLIUM diesel fuel has been supplemented with new detergents, which not only clean the injectors and vital components in diesel engines, but also keep them clean. Excellium is known to prevent injectors from fouling (internally) as well as prevent the injectors from clogging externally.

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