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Lube Survey

Conducting a Lubrication Survey at your plant provides an excellent opportunity to identify all equipment lubrication points within a facility and what lubricants should be used. The information that is gathered from the survey is unique to that facility and produces highly applicable recommendations for establishing a proactive lubrication program.

Key features and benefits

  • Equipment optimization
  • Potential product consolidation
  • Improved reliability
  • Waste and over lubrication reduction
  • Extended drain oils
  • Correct lubricant products in equipment
  • Increased operation efficiency


For every fleet, time off the road though mechanical issues can become very expensive – it leads to late deliveries, unhappy  customers, and maybe even lost business.

TotalEnergies' ANAC (Analysis Compared) service is designed for customers who want to make sure their equipment is running smoothly and diagnose problems before they happen, Using a small amount of your ‘in-use’ oil, we compare your sample against our comprehensive database, finding exact marches to diagnose potential troubles within your commercial vehicle’s mechanical parts including engines, transmissions, hydraulics and coolants.

Key features and benefits

  • Early detection – detect problems before they become costly issues
  • Compare your engine wear – identify vehicles where the running costs could be reduced
  • No downtime – simply send us a sample of your ‘in-use’ lubricant to assess
  • Reduce operating costs – and improve the reliability and performance of your fleet
Operational excellence

Operational Excellence

TotalEnergies' well-established training program ensures that dedicated technical experts will provide guidance every step of the way.

Key features and benefits

  • Helps bring product knowledge of the range of TotalEnegries lubricants to the maintenance teams who then gain confidence in the use of these products
  • Training programs can be customized to meet your needs
  • Training is further supplemented through use of TotalEnergies' Lube Institute Platform of Online training

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