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Operation of transformer reaches very high temperature with each component having different electrical component and therefore constant risk of short circuiting. Therefore, lubricant in transformer oil is critical to ensure a well performing transformer.

TotalEnergies has developed the ISOVOLTINE range of transformer oils that are extremely effective in their ability to insulate components of transformer and ensuring efficient cooling in the system. TotalEnergies' ISOVOLTINE transformer oil ranges are designed to meet the IEC 69295 and ASTM D3487 international standard requirements. Along with this, TotalEnergies deliver values through our dedicated oil analysis program ANAC to ensure consistent reliability of your fluids.

ISOVOLTINE: Our high performing insulating fluids range

    Pure non-inhibited naphthenic mineral insulating oil meeting IEC 60296 and BS EN 60296 standards
    Inhibited naphthenic mineral insulating oil meeting IEC 60296 and BS EN 60296 standards
    Trace inhibited paraffinic based mineral insulating oil meeting IEC 60296, BS 148 Class 1A and suitable for equipment requiring ASTM D3487 Type I fluids
    Inhibited paraffinic based mineral insulating oil meeting the IEC 60296-Inhibited, BS 148 Class IA and suitable for use in equipment requiring ASTM D 3487 Type II fluids

Meeting your needs

Wherever you are, TotalEnergies Lubricants has the solution for all your needs. You are looking to:

  • Increase your equipment cooling and efficiency? We have low-viscosity insulating fluids with excellent cold-flow properties for all climates.
  • Enhance your equipment protection against corrosion? Our paraffinic transformer oils are sulfur-free and not corrosive to your transformer
  • Reduce fire hazard? Go for alternative fluids and green your business at the same time.
  • Minimize your environmental impact? Our range of alternative biodegradable fluids can help improve your company’s public image.

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