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Fire-resistant, water-based longwall fluid (HFA type) for underground mining and steel manufacturing

HYDRANSAFE HFA S7 is a premium longwall fluid meeting all the specification of the underground mining industry for roof support systems. It exhibits extremely high stability when mixed with water, ensuring increased reliability of operations.

HYDRANSAFE HFA S7 provides extensive protection to all kinds of hydraulic system requiring water based HFA fire resistant fluids in various industries such as mining, steel, auto manufacturing etc.


  • Longwall mining
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing


fire resistance icon


Outstanding fire-resistant properties thanks to its water-based formula

biodegradable icon

Biodegradable, non-toxic and formaldehyde-free

Ultimately biodegradable and non-toxic to facilitate usage in sensitive areas such as underground longwall mining.

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Reduced consumption

As a very concentrated product, it will give full satisfaction in most applications at a concentration as low as 2%, allowing to reduce significantly the consumption of the product.

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Higher stability in hard water than other longwall fluids and high anti-corrosion properties.


International specifications

  • 7th Luxembourg report
  • DIN ISO EN 4404-1
  • Caterpillar (Bucyrus) Company Standard EWN 8350
  • Joy (Komatsu) Global Specification CTR 04-20 requirements at 2% in water
  • RAG norm 762011
  • TRGS 611 (Norm for cooling lubricants)


“HYDRANSAFE HFA S7 quality was consistently high and RAG could rely on TotalEnergies’ expertise and reliability at all times during many years of successful cooperation.”


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