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At TotalEnergies, diversity is our strength. It is this diversity of talent that drives our competitiveness, innovation and attractiveness as an employer. Asia-Pacific and Middle-East (APME) is a diverse and dynamic region, within which we have staff in more than 40 countries, comprising more than 40 nationalities. Whether you are a graduate or an experienced professional, we are looking for people from different backgrounds and pride ourselves in providing an inclusive working environment.

Ting Wee Liang, President & CEO, Marketing & Services Division, Asia Pacific and Middle East Region, Total Oil Asia Pacific

My vision is to have a great balance of diversity in terms of nationalities and gender, with people from different backgrounds energized by the diversity of their team mates, views and ideas. For diversity to work, we need to have an effective inclusion strategy. TotalEnergies' values "Standing together" and "Respect for each other" are excellent in reinforcing our inclusion efforts!

Ting-Wee LIANG TotalEnergies Singapore Country Chair and Senior Vice President, Marketing & Services Asia-Pacific and Middle East

For TotalEnergies, recruiting employees means welcoming people, not just a profile on paper. This respect is embedded into our Code of Conduct as one of the pillars. As part of our ambition to be the responsible energy major, we hold ourselves to strict standards as an employer.

Initiatives That We Value

TWICE - Our network for promoting gender equality

We actively encourage women to rise to key positions in the Group. Over the past 10 years, our TWICE (TotalEnergies Women Initiative for Communication and Exchange) network has contributed to developing greater gender equality and awareness in the company. The total workforce based in Singapore is trending above average with a 40% overall female representation.

TotalEnergies Survey - Giving Group employees the freedom to express their opinions

We believe it is crucial to involve employees in decision-making. Every two years, we consult them on a range of issues through the TotalEnergies Survey, where they can express their opinions freely through guaranteed anonymity. Through the survey, employee opinions are taken into consideration and transformed into action. Almost 69,000 TotalEnergies employees across the globe participated in the survey in 2019.

Local Talents Mentoring

APME's diversity target is to develop more local and regional talents to take up leadership positions in the coming years. APME launched a regional mentoring program matching newly appointed job holders to a mentor to provide extra guidance and support. We are also targeting more women to be in business, operational and leadership roles. In Pakistan, 50 women from the Women In Action initiative exceeded sales records over 2 weeks by undertaking sales responsibilities in a country where it is unconventional for women to be undertaking such positions.

Letting You Reach Your Full Potential

We do everything we can to guarantee a stimulating environment in the Group, on both professional and personal levels. We believe that our employees best tackle the energy challenges of tomorrow when they enjoy the best possible working conditions. All workers deserve employers that are best in class on an array of pillars: safety, ethics, management and social performance.

Our commitment to our employees is part and parcel of our “pioneering spirit” – a quality that has driven TotalEnergies since its creation. We encourage our employees to pursue diverse paths to achieve their full potential. We value merit and team spirit and remain attentive to the needs of all to offer a world of opportunities for our workforce.

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