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Partner of choice for car servicing needs

At Quartz Auto Services, we believe that your 4-wheel companion deserves quality lubricants and services to deliver smooth and safe rides to your destinations daily. Not sure how to start? Fret not, head down to the nearest Quartz Auto Services to kickstart your Quartz experience with us.

Person pouring Quartz 5w-40 engine oil

Personalized Quality Expertise

We care for our mechanics just as much as you care for your car. Our extensive training programs equip our mechanics at Quartz Auto Services with the latest technical know-how and care tips, to deliver quality lubricants and service to turn your engine into a tireless athlete.

More than just an oil change center

It is a place where relationships and trust are built upon dedication and camaraderie between our mechanics and customers. We are here for you when you’re feeling lost when your car hits the 10,0000 km mileage, have problems deciding between the 5W-30 and the 0W-20, or just to get a peace of mind in choosing a reliable workshop you can trust.

mechanic servicing a car at a workshop

Kickstart your Quartz experience with us!

lubricant icon

Tailored high-quality products

Innovative, efficient and environmentally responsible quality lubricants products developed by more than 300 researchers at its R&D center

Trust & expertise

Our team of competent mechanics alongside with modern, high-quality equipment and tools to deliver state of the art service you need

Clean, accessible and well-organized shop floor

A well-designed shop with catchy signage and visible logos, a welcoming environment in a clean and well-organised venue


No additional charges without customer’s approval, free estimates and invoices that match the estimate

Efficient service

Quality services in delivering peace of mind to car owners


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